[ TREEANNSEA ] 落磯山沙漠玫瑰精華霜 30 ml

[ TREEANNSEA ] 落磯山沙漠玫瑰精華霜 30 ml, Korean, 化妝品 , TREEANNSEA, treeann006, 絲質含有血清所有肌膚保持最佳乾爽, , koreanmall

落磯山沙漠玫瑰精華霜 30 ml

  • 絲質含有血清所有肌膚保持最佳乾爽



    Contains silk ingredients which is light and smooth to make your hair softer. Reaches into deep and nourishes with botanical oil.

    Balances oil and moisture on hair. Protects your hair from pollutants and irritants.


    [How to use]

    Evenly apply suitable amount on wet or dry hair after shampooing.









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    [ TREEANNSEA ] 落磯山沙漠玫瑰精華霜 30 ml


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